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Antonio Garcia has been breeding PRE horses for more than 30 years and is a highly qualified professional certified by ANCCE (National Association of Ranchers of the Pure Spanish Breed).

Beauty and Attitude

Careful selection of our mares is based on the three fundamental pillars: athletic and technical qualities of the horse, attractive exterior and the approach of collaboration with the rider that is a key success factor for further achievements.


All our mares are tested and trained at the age of youngsters to detect their capabilities in dressage and lungeline work. Colts together with mares enjoy more than 40 hectares of meadows at their disposal and are raised in absolute freedom.



The horses of our breeding farm are carefully selected from the best internationally reknown lines of PRE – current dressage champions of Spanish and European Equestrian competition shave the same origin. For example, the stallion Norte Lovera, a brother of our alfa-mare Alfa Resaca II, has gained various international titles and awards achieving 72,414% at the ultimate World Championship in Normandy.

Another excellent stallion – G-nidium, Spanish National Champion in dressage originates from the same genetics line Pallares.


The mare Vuelta-Abajo, beeing actual Breed Champion of Spain in morphology and functional qualities has the same ancestors as our pride, star – stallion Goliat X.

As well as other horses of Antonio Garcia breeding farm– derived from the world famous stallion Yeguerito from the farm of Miguel Boorquez.


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We offer you the customized service of horses ourcing through out Spain and Portugal in accordance with your requirements, expectations and budget. For further information and pricing, please don’t hesitate to contact us at your best convenience.